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Monday, August 26, 2013

IB Portfolio

Hi guys.
Some might ask how all this (How IB came into my life) and I really can't answer that.
But I'm in "Pre-IB" now and it's great.

We had an introduction week and it started Monday the 12th of August, 2013.

We didn't really do anything special Monday, the only "special" thing we did was the orientation marathon.
It was kinda fun, but my footwear wasn't that great for the assignment. I wore my Litas and running in them isn't that fun.
When we all returned to our classroom we got to know each all a bit more. we "interviewed" each other and presented it afterwards.

Tuesday we had an photo session. We had to go to the basement in another building to get photographed. It was so awkward. After the pictures was taken we got the spare time of. At 8:50 am we had an introduction class for Social Studies. And another introduction class for Physics. And then Danish, English and Chemistry.

Wednesday we had introduction classes to Maths and biology. At 9:55 we all got together with the other 1st year classes. The "HTX". You would kinda only know who they are if you're from Denmark - "Højere teknisk eksamen" but anyhow. We also had a tutor arrangements as the last thing on the schedule that day. We got to connect with some of the older IB students. It was nice.

Thursday we had a introduction to study skills. We did the "Belbin-Test". We also had introduction to Technology. And later as the last thing that day introduction to Lectio. I already knew how to use lectio from when I went to the Gymnasiums in Sønderborg.

And then there was Friday. We had an introduction to Communication IT. I really can't remember much from that class to be honest. Anyhow, the 3rd year students wanted to present their presentation for us. Their main topic was water. How can we survive without a clean water resource? ^
As the last thing we all did that introduction week was this barbecue.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pinata turtle!

Hia everyone! So last week I did a pinata turtle for my school as decoration for our mexico themed week. And this is how I did it.

1. Step

Buy a giant balloon & a small balloon. If you live near a shop called "Tiger" (it's a store mainly in Europe) they've got some sometimes, otherwise search for it on google and order some.

Then blow it up and tie a knot. Now you've got your base for it.

2. Step

Rip a lot of old newspaper and mix some paper mache and cover the whole balloon (the big one first). Then let it dry and repeat the process at least 3 times. When it's completely hardened pop the balloon.

While covering the bigger balloon, do the same on the smaller balloon. Repeat, and let to dry - then pop when completely dry.

3. Step

You need to get the head and body to stick to each other. I used a glue gun and covered the edges so it looked like one big balloon.
Then i used cotton balls to imitate the shell of the turtle. After gluing them on the body, I covered with paper.

It should look like this now:
Haha. It's so cute. I painted a face on it, just for the fun.

This is the view from the side. It's so adorable!

4. Step

Start to paint it in the decided colors. 

I used acrylics and gave it a few layers. 

I just found this picture on google images. I didn't take a  picture of the acrylic paint, lol.

5. Step

After painting it as desired, put on some colored rice paper as you wish and you're actually done!

And here's my ugly turtle <3 td="">

I really hope this was a simple guide to do a pinata. It doesn't have to be a turtle, it could as well be a donkey or a snake.

 I hope you'll like my guide and I'll post some more soon!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Something about love.. and growing apart

I recently started to read all my old facebook-messages, and I realized... People change even you don't think they do.

I read all my messages from one of my earlier best friends, Dennis, and everything changed over the past time I've been with my boyfriend. Everything seems to fall apart, even though he's got his own life to participate in. We used to write each other all the time, joke, make fun of others (Not in a mean and evil way, but for fun), and now it's like.. We don't even write each other a birthday card.....

One thing I realized to is.. My relationship with my boyfriend changed too. To be honest, I liked it before it got to serious, because we just hang out, watch TV, listen to music, visit our friends together. Now we like only go to school, and down at the local bar every Friday after work. He plays a lot of WoW too, which I hate. I hate that game so much. Like right now - He's playing it actually.

My boyfriend used to be the cutest thing on earth, but he seems to get further away and disappear. He changed a lot. He didn't even believe in himself, before we dated, and now he has boosted a lot of confidence. I still fear the day he will break up with me because of that..... - Are we growing apart?

Another example. One of my best girlfriends on earth's boyfriend changed a lot too. And they've only dated in like 5 weeks. They were madly in love at first, but  now he doesn't seem to want to hang out with her, and show her some love. Who's the person who's gonna listen to all that? It's me, because he's a pussy. (by the way, he's my boyfriends best friend, but one of my best friends too)

I don't know what's happening. I wish everything could stay remaining like before.

Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm back

Hi guys

My computer has been down and I got a new one some time ago, because the other one was totally dead - Nothing worked. And I've got all my pictures in it.

Anyway. How's it going? My life is going super great. I started in college/high school in August, but I am now dropping out. Yes, it seems like a bad idea, but I have some plans in my mind. I'm taking a year off, and then going back to school afterwards. I require some space from school, and I am not ready for college/high school.

Me and my boyfriend is still together. The 22th December, we have 6 months anniversary. We're planning going out ice skating. It's gonna be soooo fun.

I have some upcoming stuff soon, and I think I might post it right after this.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What's going on in my life?


I haven't been posting in like a month now for very good reason. I've been working in my summer break, while hanging out with my boyfriend. I've also been doing some drinking with friends and family, while hanging out with them.

Me and my boyfriend had 1 month anniversary the 22th of July, which I am very pleased about. It's a big thing for me, cause he means the world to me.

I'm going on vacation to Spain, Mallorca today at 7:40 PM, but right now it's 00:42 AM. I'm going for a week, and I'm so excited! I am going to miss my boyfriend very much, cause I've seen him almost every day in my summer break, and I've been really attached to him.

I've actually been feeling very ill those last few days, cause I've had a bad cold and some fever, but it is taking off. And I've actually been feeling very bad for some of my girlfriends. I've kinda let them behind, to hang out with my boyfriend, and they've been kinda pissed off because of that, which I understand very clearly. So yesterday (30th of July) I went to my BBF's house with Ben and Jerry's to talk and catch up with some movies we've wanted to see.

The 27th of July I was in the cinema with my boyfriend. We watched The Dark Knight Rises, which is an excellent movie. I would recommend it, if you like long movies and the whole Batman-ideology. The only bad thing about the movie is how long it is, cause we was in the cinema in like 2 hours and 45 minutes or something. It's a long time for little me to sit down and be very quiet.

I'm actually starting in school again, and I'm kinda nervous. I don't want to start again, actually, cause all my friends are going to another school than me. I'm gonna be forever alone *crying*

So yeah.. I don't have anymore to say otherwise have a great day/night/whatever, and I'll update soon!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Caitlyn from LoL? What are you talking about?

So yesterday I was drawing this drawing of a girl, and posted it on FB. And some started to write to me; "Cool fanart!", "Is this Caitlyn?", "Do you play LoL", and stuff, and I have just one thing to say. I do play LoL, but I haven't been thinking about the characters, cause I really suck at playing it. Seriously. I suck.

Anyway, I just wanted to clear it out. It isn't Caitlyn, I don't know who it is, but you can go call it Caitlyn, if wanted..

Maybe I should do some fanart from LoL?

Umm.. Comment or write to me, if it is wanted to see. To my FB account or tweet me!

Now for the drawing!
Mt scanner doesn't work, so I took a picture of it with my mobile. Sorry guys <3

I love you, and stay tuned for more random updates!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


I'm in love
You're getting a previous thingy now.
As you know from one of my previous blogs, I had a crush on a guy who attended to a party I was attending as well. Umm, yeah. I kinda found out later on, that I actually started to get feelings for this guy. 
So many of my friends had like told me, that you actually could see that I had feelings for him, which is kinda cute, but still annoying, cause I didn't wanted him to know. Umm, so I decided to tell him about my feeling for him a Friday (The 15th of June) but I didn't have the guts to tell him, so I went home after liek.. after 11 hours at a friends place, where he later on joined.
Umm, I went home, and started to become desperate to tell him, so I texted him about him, but didn't get an answer liek... 16 hours later. He was mindblown. He didn't knew what to say or anything, so I just went with it.

The day after we had an discussion about it, and I was like panicking about it, but we was like.. We're not gonna take this up again.

And then my best friend told me that he loved me. And I became really spitted. I didn't know what to do or say. So I texted the guy about it, and he was like, just tell him, that you don't like him, and I went on, and rejected him. It all was good afterwards cause I actually the week after at a party, Friday the 22th of June 2012, got a cute boyfriend with the name Thomas. <3

And I love him so much. He's like the best thing who has happened to me.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Official accounts!

So hi..

Umm, I've got nothing to say than this.
I'm gonna make all my accounts official on the internet, because I've got nothing to hid from you.

Just click on the link, a new browser-bar thingy should pop out!


Facebook Fanpage:

My Year Book / Meet Me:




I've got many other accounts, but these are those I use in a daily bases!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Song of the day!


The song of the day might be Tonight I Know. It's by Chester See, and I really love this song, because It's about love

I'm a huge fan of Chester See and YTF, so that's why it has been like the second song with Chester!