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Monday, August 26, 2013

IB Portfolio

Hi guys.
Some might ask how all this (How IB came into my life) and I really can't answer that.
But I'm in "Pre-IB" now and it's great.

We had an introduction week and it started Monday the 12th of August, 2013.

We didn't really do anything special Monday, the only "special" thing we did was the orientation marathon.
It was kinda fun, but my footwear wasn't that great for the assignment. I wore my Litas and running in them isn't that fun.
When we all returned to our classroom we got to know each all a bit more. we "interviewed" each other and presented it afterwards.

Tuesday we had an photo session. We had to go to the basement in another building to get photographed. It was so awkward. After the pictures was taken we got the spare time of. At 8:50 am we had an introduction class for Social Studies. And another introduction class for Physics. And then Danish, English and Chemistry.

Wednesday we had introduction classes to Maths and biology. At 9:55 we all got together with the other 1st year classes. The "HTX". You would kinda only know who they are if you're from Denmark - "Højere teknisk eksamen" but anyhow. We also had a tutor arrangements as the last thing on the schedule that day. We got to connect with some of the older IB students. It was nice.

Thursday we had a introduction to study skills. We did the "Belbin-Test". We also had introduction to Technology. And later as the last thing that day introduction to Lectio. I already knew how to use lectio from when I went to the Gymnasiums in Sønderborg.

And then there was Friday. We had an introduction to Communication IT. I really can't remember much from that class to be honest. Anyhow, the 3rd year students wanted to present their presentation for us. Their main topic was water. How can we survive without a clean water resource? ^
As the last thing we all did that introduction week was this barbecue.

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