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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Something about love.. and growing apart

I recently started to read all my old facebook-messages, and I realized... People change even you don't think they do.

I read all my messages from one of my earlier best friends, Dennis, and everything changed over the past time I've been with my boyfriend. Everything seems to fall apart, even though he's got his own life to participate in. We used to write each other all the time, joke, make fun of others (Not in a mean and evil way, but for fun), and now it's like.. We don't even write each other a birthday card.....

One thing I realized to is.. My relationship with my boyfriend changed too. To be honest, I liked it before it got to serious, because we just hang out, watch TV, listen to music, visit our friends together. Now we like only go to school, and down at the local bar every Friday after work. He plays a lot of WoW too, which I hate. I hate that game so much. Like right now - He's playing it actually.

My boyfriend used to be the cutest thing on earth, but he seems to get further away and disappear. He changed a lot. He didn't even believe in himself, before we dated, and now he has boosted a lot of confidence. I still fear the day he will break up with me because of that..... - Are we growing apart?

Another example. One of my best girlfriends on earth's boyfriend changed a lot too. And they've only dated in like 5 weeks. They were madly in love at first, but  now he doesn't seem to want to hang out with her, and show her some love. Who's the person who's gonna listen to all that? It's me, because he's a pussy. (by the way, he's my boyfriends best friend, but one of my best friends too)

I don't know what's happening. I wish everything could stay remaining like before.

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