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Sunday, June 24, 2012


I'm in love
You're getting a previous thingy now.
As you know from one of my previous blogs, I had a crush on a guy who attended to a party I was attending as well. Umm, yeah. I kinda found out later on, that I actually started to get feelings for this guy. 
So many of my friends had like told me, that you actually could see that I had feelings for him, which is kinda cute, but still annoying, cause I didn't wanted him to know. Umm, so I decided to tell him about my feeling for him a Friday (The 15th of June) but I didn't have the guts to tell him, so I went home after liek.. after 11 hours at a friends place, where he later on joined.
Umm, I went home, and started to become desperate to tell him, so I texted him about him, but didn't get an answer liek... 16 hours later. He was mindblown. He didn't knew what to say or anything, so I just went with it.

The day after we had an discussion about it, and I was like panicking about it, but we was like.. We're not gonna take this up again.

And then my best friend told me that he loved me. And I became really spitted. I didn't know what to do or say. So I texted the guy about it, and he was like, just tell him, that you don't like him, and I went on, and rejected him. It all was good afterwards cause I actually the week after at a party, Friday the 22th of June 2012, got a cute boyfriend with the name Thomas. <3

And I love him so much. He's like the best thing who has happened to me.

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