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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What's going on in my life?


I haven't been posting in like a month now for very good reason. I've been working in my summer break, while hanging out with my boyfriend. I've also been doing some drinking with friends and family, while hanging out with them.

Me and my boyfriend had 1 month anniversary the 22th of July, which I am very pleased about. It's a big thing for me, cause he means the world to me.

I'm going on vacation to Spain, Mallorca today at 7:40 PM, but right now it's 00:42 AM. I'm going for a week, and I'm so excited! I am going to miss my boyfriend very much, cause I've seen him almost every day in my summer break, and I've been really attached to him.

I've actually been feeling very ill those last few days, cause I've had a bad cold and some fever, but it is taking off. And I've actually been feeling very bad for some of my girlfriends. I've kinda let them behind, to hang out with my boyfriend, and they've been kinda pissed off because of that, which I understand very clearly. So yesterday (30th of July) I went to my BBF's house with Ben and Jerry's to talk and catch up with some movies we've wanted to see.

The 27th of July I was in the cinema with my boyfriend. We watched The Dark Knight Rises, which is an excellent movie. I would recommend it, if you like long movies and the whole Batman-ideology. The only bad thing about the movie is how long it is, cause we was in the cinema in like 2 hours and 45 minutes or something. It's a long time for little me to sit down and be very quiet.

I'm actually starting in school again, and I'm kinda nervous. I don't want to start again, actually, cause all my friends are going to another school than me. I'm gonna be forever alone *crying*

So yeah.. I don't have anymore to say otherwise have a great day/night/whatever, and I'll update soon!

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