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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Caitlyn from LoL? What are you talking about?

So yesterday I was drawing this drawing of a girl, and posted it on FB. And some started to write to me; "Cool fanart!", "Is this Caitlyn?", "Do you play LoL", and stuff, and I have just one thing to say. I do play LoL, but I haven't been thinking about the characters, cause I really suck at playing it. Seriously. I suck.

Anyway, I just wanted to clear it out. It isn't Caitlyn, I don't know who it is, but you can go call it Caitlyn, if wanted..

Maybe I should do some fanart from LoL?

Umm.. Comment or write to me, if it is wanted to see. To my FB account or tweet me!

Now for the drawing!
Mt scanner doesn't work, so I took a picture of it with my mobile. Sorry guys <3

I love you, and stay tuned for more random updates!

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